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High-performance glass for a more comfortable home from the world's leading provider of building materials.

High-performance glass for a more comfortable home from the world's leading provider of building materials.

Planitherm is a range of modern, high-performance glazing for the home.

It's made in the UK by Saint-Gobain, the world's largest manufacturer of building materials.

Not only is it the country's leading energy-efficient glass, you'll also find a host of features across the range to help maximise comfort in every part of your home, making it a relaxing respite from the outside world.

Whether you’re looking for more warmth, a peaceful night’s sleep or to enjoy a sun-filled room without overheating, Planitherm is the perfect glass for you.

Plus, you can use it in any style of window frame – for a clear difference you may not see but will certainly feel.

Quality assured

Planitherm is made by Saint-Gobain, Europe's leading manufacturer of float glass. So you can be confident of industry-leading quality, comfort and energy efficiency.

Choose Planitherm and the glass in your home will come from the same source as the 24,000 square metres of high-performance glazing in London's iconic 'Gherkin' (real name: 30 St Mary Axe).

Planitherm glass doesn't just meet UK energy standards and Building Regulations, it exceeds them: offering not only better efficiency than traditional double glazing, but also better security, noise reduction, furniture fade protection and control of the sun's warmth depending on the package you choose.

Made in the UK, the right way

Planitherm is made at our UK site at Eggborough in Yorkshire, in a way that's as environmentally conscious as possible.

We're the first glass manufacturer to evaluate our environmental impact through the entire life of our products. We use sand sourced in the UK and, on average, 30% recycled glass in every sheet.

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Finding an installer

Planitherm isn't an installer or fabricator – but we'll help you find one near you.

Choosing a Planitherm Network member gives you access to a wealth of advice and expertise and ensures you can choose Planitherm with total confidence.

We've vetted them to meet our minimum membership criteria, and many have undertaken extra training specific to Planitherm glass.

Whoever you choose, make sure they talk to you about the glass in your home – and ask about Planitherm.

Find an Installer

Find an Installer

Planitherm glass is available though our approved network of certified installers - we don't sell or install it ourselves.

To find your nearest installers, or search for a specific one, use the search tool below.

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