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Say Goodbye To Condensation With SGG VIEWCLEAR® II Glass

To combat condensation, invest in SGG VIEWCLEAR® II glass. It is a neutral anti-condensation solution which combats the build-up of condensation. This will ensure that the glass in the windows retains the most essential function – its clarity and transparency.

To further assist with the reduction of condensation in the home, you should ventilate your home and heat it correctly. You can do this by keeping a constant temperature; don’t let it get too hot or cold.

SGG VIEWCLEAR® II glass has a plethora of benefits for your home, including its unique engineering, which enables it to deliver strong anti-condensation performance and be the best in class for Window Energy Ratings.

Also, it features clear and neutral aesthetics in both transmission and reflection, and maximises entry of natural daylight. As well as this, it can significantly reduce the presence of condensation to just a few days a year – compared to 100 days per year with triple glazing.

For more information on SGG VIEWCLEAR® II contact your nearest PLANITHERM installer today.