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PLANITHERM - Transform your Conservatory with PLANITHERM 4S II Glass

replacement conservatory glass

Choosing the right conservatory is an important decision for your home. You need to ensure that it will suit your own lifestyle requirements.

This will depend on the size, quality and design you choose as a conservatory is a large investment, so you want to get it right.

Conservatories can be a bright and airy place to relax and enjoy the scenic views whilst maintaining a comfortable atmosphere inside, so the glass you use can have a critical impact on the comfort of your conservatory

Our PLANITHERM 4S II glass will enable you to live in luxury and comfort in your Conservatory, keeping you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Our PLANITHERM 4S II glass can also be customised to add a range of benefits for your home including:


BIOCLEAN glass is easy to maintain and stays cleaner for longer. In rainy weather, the glass stays clear, providing sharper visibility.

Noise Reduction

Our high performance STADIP SILENCE laminated glazing features an acoustic control layer, so any loud and disturbing outside noise, stays where it belongs – outside!


To ensure your conservatory has maximum protection from UV, invest in a STADIP laminated interlayer.


The security of your conservatory is critical to protect you and your family, so we suggest that you invest in STADIP PROTECT laminated glass.

In the unfortunate event that the glass breaks, the laminated layer will ensure that the product retains its shape, reducing the risk of serious injury and making it harder to break through.

For more information on PLANITHERM 4S II or to arrange a quote, contact your nearest PLANITHERM installer today.