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Get Maximum Summer Comfort From Your Windows

Summer is an amazing time of year, but trying to live in an overheated home is not a pleasant experience.

You can work to cool down your home during the day, which takes a considerable amount of time and effort, or you can maintain the temperature level within your home easily with PLANITHERM glazing.

Installing PLANITHERM ONE T glass in your windows can help regulate the temperature in your home, reflecting excess heat to prevent over heating throughout the day.

To make your home even more comfortable, you can customise your glass with our unique laminated layers for different benefits.

Live by a noisy road? We offer a specialist layer that reduces the amount of noise that can enter your home.

Does your living room get bright sun all day? Our UV reduction layer can help to protect your soft furnishing from harmful UV rays.

Looking for extra security? Our security layer makes it difficult for a potential intruder to break the pane of glass.

To find the right glazing option for you, contact your nearest PLANITHERM installer today and make your home as comfortable as possible all year round.