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Expanding With A Conservatory? Choose PLANITHERM 4S II

Make the most of the UK summer sun, and relax in your new conservatory.

Over the next few months there will be BBQ’s, picnics and garden parties to help us make the most of the good weather.

Our PLANITHERM 4S II glass allows you to get even more out of the sunshine, all year round, by transforming your conservatory into a practical living space.

It can be difficult to regulate the temperature of a conservatory and they are known for overheating in summer.

Our glass has a specialised coating that helps to keep your conservatory warm in winter while still reflecting excess heat to prevent overheating in summer.

With PLANITHERM 4S II, you can use your conservatory as a dining room, living room or even a home office.

Contact your local installer today to invest in PLANITHERM 4S II this summer and discover the true potential of your conservatory.