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Cold Weather Is Coming, Are Your Windows Ready?

Don’t get caught out by the changing weather, make sure your windows are up to date and in good condition now.

The British summer always seems to end too soon. Before you know it, the heating will be back on and we’ll be back to dark nights.

Before we get to this point, it’s worth spending the time to check up on your windows. Doing this now can save you from getting caught out by energy bills in the winter.

Take the time to carefully check the condition of your windows and their fittings. Is there any visible damage? Are the seals intact?

It’s important you get any damage repaired before the bad weather starts to set in. Ineffective windows can lead to problems with water damage, mould and allow heat to escape from your home.

As heat and energy escapes through older and inefficient windows, you’ll notice the cold and need to put your central heating on for longer, causing your energy bills to increase.

In order to prevent this from happening, we recommend you install PLANITHERM glazing in your home. PLANITHERM glazing is designed to trap the heat you generate inside your home, so you get the benefits for longer.

To find out more about our energy efficient glass and get ready for the colder weather, contact your nearest installer today.