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All Of Your Questions About PLANITHERM Answered

Over the winter period, we get a lot of questions asking us how to keep your house warm, as well as energy efficient.

We’ve answered some of the most common questions below. If you can’t find the answer to your query, try our FAQ section, or contact your nearest PLANITHERM installer for more help and advice.

Will PLANITHERM keep my house warm in the winter?

PLANITHERM was designed to provide homeowners with warmer homes and to improve their energy efficiency. It features an exceptional thermal insulation to maximise the warmth that is absorbed from natural daylight, which could ultimately save you money on your heating bills. However, the total amount of warmth that is absorbed will vary, due to the windows orientation, size and the geographical location of your home.

Is the performance of PLANITHERM proven?

Yes, the performance of PLANITHERM meets the requirements of class C of European standard BS EN 1096 and carries the relevant CE Marking. For more information, visit

Where can I get PLANITHERM windows?

If you are interested in purchasing PLANITHERM windows, simply use the “Find an Installer” function on the Planitherm website to view a full list of Installers in your local area.

Which rooms are PLANITHERM suitable for?

PLANITHERM can be used throughout the home. If you want to find out more, contact your nearest installer or use our Glass Compass.

The Glass Compass is available for both Android and Apple.