Lower your energy bills without compromising on comfort

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PLANITHERM TOTAL+ is one of the most energy efficient glazing products in the UK. It has been designed to help homes around the UK reduce their energy consumption and save money on their energy bills.

We have engineered PLANITHERM TOTAL+ to help you capitalise on the free heat from the sun, while reducing the amount of energy that you use to keep your home warm. By using PLANITHERM TOTAL+ in the windows in your home you’ll notice that your home is warmer for longer without increasing your energy bills.

  • Performance

    PLANITHERM TOTAL+ has been designed to benefit UK homeowners; it was designed to be the most energy efficient glass on the UK market. PLANITHERM TOTAL+ eliminates cold areas around your windows, making your home warmer and reducing your energy bills.

    PLANITHERM TOTAL+ has a neutral coating that allows the most natural daylight into your room, helping your home to feel light and bright. To find out more about how PLANITHERM TOTAL+ can transform your room get in touch with your nearest PLANITHERM installer or download a brochure today.

  • Benefits

    One of the biggest benefits you’ll receive when you install PLANITHERM TOTAL+ is that you’ll see an improvement in the energy efficiency of your home. All of our energy-efficient glass is designed to reduce the loss of heat through your windows; PLANITHERM TOTAL+ does this while also capitalising on the free energy from the sun for optimum energy balance.

    As well as providing these benefits PLANITHERM TOTAL+ can be enhanced to suit your needs by combining it with one our range of additional solutions. Whether you want your windows to reduce exterior noise or be self-cleaning the glazing can be customised to meet your individual requirements.


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