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The amount of heat lost through your windows is significantly reduced using PLANITHERM ONE glass as the coating keeps heat from escaping through the glass.  Even in rooms with large amounts of glazing, PLANITHERM ONE retains internal heat and helps to eliminate cold spots nearest to your windows.

PLANITHERM ONE is a superior glass range designed to give you the most advanced thermal insulation performance. Our glass will help to keep your home warmer even on the coldest days, making your home feel comfortable all year round without unwanted drafts around windows.

PLANITHERM ONE is one of the UK’s leading low-E glass products and perfect for use in windows throughout the UK. For more information on PLANITHERM ONE glass get in touch with your nearest PLANITHERM installer here or download a brochure today.

  • Benefits

    PLANITHERM ONE provides many benefits to UK homeowners, including better home insulation to help keep your home comfortable all year round. The PLANITHERM ONE glass has been designed with the homeowner in mind.

    We have produced PLANITHERM ONE to help reduce your energy consumption at home and save you money on your energy bills. It has been designed to reduce internal condensation on your double glazed windows.

    While delivering all of these benefits to homeowners of the UK it has also been engineered to be sleek, stylish and fit with your double glazing to give you the best results for your space.


  • Performance

    PLANITHERM ONE has an optimum centre-pane U-value of 1.0 W/m²K to give you the most advanced insulation performance available.

    Our glazing options are designed to make your double glazed windows the most energy efficient they can be to help you save money on your energy bills.

    To discover how our glass can help keep your energy efficient, download our brochure or get in touch with your nearest PLANITHERM installer today.


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