Find a PLANITHERM Installer near you

Walk past a traditional set of windows in any Yorkshire home and there is a good chance that you will notice a draught passing through the frame or glass of the window. Old windows are one of the most common causes of draughts in the home.

PLANITHERM is a low emissivity glass with a transparent metallic coating that instead of wasting heat, reflects it, from radiators or fires, back into the room and captures heat energy from outside.

This then ensures that properties in Yorkshire stay at a consistently comfortable temperature without having to pay a fortune in energy bills, hence why they are called energy saving windows. A home needs to feel cosy and inviting and any property will feel exactly like that when it has energy efficient windows installed in as many rooms as possible.

PLANITHERM offers around 25% better energy efficiency than most standard double glazing due to the energy efficient glass fitted within the frame.

Installers of PLANITHERM can be found across the Yorkshire region including North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and East Riding of Yorkshire. Once your chosen installer has put PLANITHERM in your Yorkshire home you can then sit back and relax in the most comforting of atmospheres.