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Those lucky enough to own a home in the South East have many responsibilities as a property owner and reducing the amount of energy their home consumes is just one of them.

PLANITHERM energy efficient glass will reduce the carbon emissions your property emits and ensure that the South East is as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Although traditional double glazing can prevent energy wastage, it can not do it on the same level as energy efficient windows with PLANITHERM glass. The energy efficient glass prevents hot air from escaping from your home, whilst making sure that no draughts result in your property feeling the chill.

Our energy saving windows will afford you the opportunity to turn on your boiler system for shorter periods of time than you would have to if you were to persist with traditional double glazing. The energy saving glass will also result in a reduction in your energy bills, something to be thankful for at a time when energy continues to raise in price.

If you agree that PLANITHERM is the way forward then get in contact with a PLANITHERM installer. There are a whole host of PLANITHERM installers throughout the South East including Kent, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, West Sussex, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Surrey and East Sussex waiting for your call.