Find a PLANITHERM Installer near you

Rather than accepting high energy bills as being the norm, you should be looking to do something about it and you can when you choose to have PLANITHERM installed at your North East home.

There really is no excuse not to purchase a fresh set of energy efficient windows windows containing PLANITHERM glass for your property when you are made aware of the difference these energy saving windows can make compared to traditional double glazing.

Because they are constructed using energy efficient glass it means that your home can become less reliant on your conventional heating system. This means that not only will your windows freshen up the appearance of your home, but they will also prove to be energy saving windows as your energy bills will be reduced by as much as 28% per year.*

Energy saving PLANITHERM glass will prove to be a real lifeline in winter as even when compared to traditional double glazing they insulate your North East property like no other window around. It is estimated that a massive 26% of heat is lost because of poorly-insulated windows.** This will no longer be the case when you have energy efficient windows put in their place.

Anyone in Tyne and Wear, Northumberland or County Durham looking to say goodbye to costly energy bills needs to put their money and trust in PLANITHERM windows.

* Source: Energy savings calculation courtesy of the Glass and Glazing Federation ** Source: Energy consumption data courtesy of the Energy Savings Trust