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If your London home has old fashioned traditional single or double glazing then you can expect to be hit by high energy bills, a cold household and a low level of energy efficiency. Make the change to windows containing PLANITHERM energy efficient glass and those living in Greater London, South West London and Central London will have no such problems.

PLANITHERM can bring the upmost in energy efficiency to those who adopt energy efficient windows in London. The energy efficient glass will also bring your current energy bills down to a more manageable level as for many the cost of energy is now too much to bear.

None of the internal condensation and draughts that you get with traditional double glazing will be apparent when you revert to PLANITHERM at your London home. This is because our energy saving windows will capture heat from outside and lock in any internally generated heat to help keep your home at a comfortable temperature at all times.

Energy saving glass has many positive aspects to it and the fact that those living in London who invest in PLANITHERM will save thousands of pounds on their energy bills over the next 20 years is just one of them.

Those forward-thinking homeowners in London wanting to purchase windows with PLANITHERM glass for their property can find their nearest PLANITHERM installer via our website.