Find a PLANITHERM Installer near you

Homeowners in the East Midlands have a responsibility to make their property energy efficient and a set of windows containing PLANITHERM energy efficient glass will help them do just that.

Anyone living within the East Midlands who chooses PLANITHERM can expect to benefit from a reduced carbon footprint and will help to protect the environment for future generations. PLANITHERM glass really is the perfect ‘green’ measure as it will trap heat, rather than unnecessarily waste it.

As with double glazing and triple glazing, much of the money you spend on energy efficient windows with PLANITHERM can be recouped thanks to the energy savings you can make over its expected lifespan. All homes within the East Midlands will be left praising their energy saving windows when they see that the cost of their current energy bills decreases.

Those yet to replace their existing traditional windows will continue to be punished by high energy bills unless they invest in energy efficient glass, a proven way of cutting the cost of heating by as much as 28% per year.*

Finding a set of PLANITHERM windows for your East Midlands property couldn’t be easier. Installers of PLANITHERM can be found throughout the region and each of them will be more than willing to fit it in all Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire Derbyshire and Northamptonshire homes.

* Source: Energy savings calculation courtesy of the Glass and Glazing Federation