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PLANITHERM has totally transformed the industry and is fast becoming the window glass of choice for many of those living in the East. The reason why is because it incorporates energy saving glass which not only helps to make homes more energy efficient, but it helps you save on energy bills. You’ll find PLANITHERM installers located throughout the region, including Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Suffolk and Essex.

There are many homes struggling to pay their energy bills or having to go without heating for large parts of the day because of the high cost of gas and electricity. Installing energy saving windows with PLANITHERM glass can improve the energy efficiency of your home by helping to lock in any heat generated inside your home, reducing the amount of heat generated and in turn lowering your energy bills."

PLANITHERM puts traditional double glazing well and truly in the shade as it can cut energy bills by as much as 28% and reduce the energy consumption of your home.*

PLANITHERM energy efficient glass also captures free heat as produced by the sun and utilises it so that all occupants of the home feel warm and cosy. There will also be no evidence of draughts as PLANITHERM will prevent outdoor air from creeping into your home.

Energy efficient windows really do have the staying power required to give you value for money and throughout their 20+ year expected lifespan you will benefit from a much warmer household.

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* Source: Energy savings calculation courtesy of the Glass and Glazing Federation