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Depending on the needs of the client or the building, different products from the PLANITHERM family can be selected for optimum window performance, helping keep interiors warmer and saving you money in the process.

It is a little known fact that a significant 26% of all domestic heat loss escapes through the windows in UK homes*. Installing energy efficient windows containing PLANITHERM glass can save you money on your heating bills compared to traditional windows and frames.

It’s important that your double glazing is as energy efficient as possible. Windows that do little to keep the heat inside your home will leave you feeling a draft and out of pocket. Energy efficient glass from PLANITHERM can help to keep your home warmer for longer and help you save money all year round.

Our own research has shown that many homeowners are unaware of the performance differences between different types of window glass, instead assuming that all double glazing is equally energy efficient. In reality, there are significant differences in performance with the type of glass used being key.

Using thermally insulating double glazing is the best way to improve the energy efficiency of your windows and make your home environment more comfortable.

PLANITHERM is a new generation of energy saving window glass that uses an advanced metallic coating that reflects heat from radiators or fires back into the room, rather than allowing it to escape through the windows. At the same time it allows free heat and light energy from the sun to pass through the glass, warming your home and further contributing to the energy efficiency of your windows. That means lower energy bills compared to standard windows.

*Source Energy Saving Trust

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    Estimates suggest that up to 26% of all the heat lost in the home escapes through the windows. Modern energy-efficient windows help to reduce this heat loss, capture heat from outside and lower the amount of energy needed to heat the home.

    Energy efficient glass works in two ways to lower the heating required to maintain your home to your desired temperature. Firstly, it allows more warmth from the sun (“free energy”) and natural daylight to pass through the windows. Secondly, it retains more of the heat within the room. Choosing an energy efficient glass optimises the potential saving on your heating bills, reducing heat loss by as much as 50%. The achievable energy savings for each home will depend on a number of factors but can be in the range of 20-30%. Your window installer can provide you with calculations using our SGG Glass Compass app. All replacement windows are also rated under the Window Energy Ratings scheme. You should specify an A or A+ rating for the maximum savings.


    • Optimises the balance between comfortable warmth and energy consumption

    • Lower heating bills

    • Lower CO2 emissions for a more sustainable environment

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    As windows continue to become more thermally efficient, thanks to advanced coatings or triple glazing, the outer pane will now be colder compared to less thermally efficient windows. This can sometimes lead to a build-up of condensation on the outside of the window. Saint-Gobain Glass have developed a unique solution, VIEWCLEAR which helps to reduce the amount and frequency of external condensation.

    VIEWCLEAR is a neutral anti-condensation solution which combats the build-up of condensation - ensuring that the glass in your door retains its clarity and transparency.


    VIEWCLEAR is unique - delivering strong anti-condensation performance and being best in its class for Window Energy Ratings

    • Clear and neutral aesthetics in both transmission and reflection

    • In triple glazing, condensation can be present more than 100 days per year (depending on local temperature and humidity conditions) - VIEWCLEAR can significantly reduce this impact to just a few days per year.

  • UV Reduction

    The sun’s rays contain ultra violet light, exposure to which can be harmful to people and to items like furnishings and window dressings.

    UV exposure can cause fading to those materials that are most exposed to the sun for prolonged periods. Whilst all the glass combinations offered by Saint-Gobain Glass have a degree of UV reduction, the best way to derive maximum protection, is to use a STADIP laminated interlayer. These options block virtually all of the harmful UV rays (up to 99.6%).

    UV reduction is measured by the percentage of the sun’s UV rays that are blocked by the glass.


    • Virtually eliminates fading of furnishings and window dressings
    • Provides a safe interior environment with respect to exposure to UV rays
  • Noise Reduction

    Make your home a peaceful respite from the bustling world outside. High performance STADIP SILENCE laminated glazing includes an acoustic control layer to keep disturbing outside noise where it belongs – outside! Enjoy a quieter, more relaxed living environment for enhanced well-being and comfort. To experience the difference that STADIP SILENCE laminated glass can make to acoustic control, download the GLASS dBSTATION app from


    • A peaceful and relaxing internal environment
    • Enhanced comfort and well-being
    • Improved sleep patterns and quality of sleep
    • Reduced Stress
  • Security

    For optimal window security choose a double or triple glazed unit with laminated glass. Laminated glass enhances the window security which will help protect you, and your family, from the risk of serious injury caused by accidental breakage or impact. This functionality will also delay intruder break-in and can actively discourage burglars. High security glazing also gives you peace of mind, helping you feel safe and secure in your home.

    STADIP PROTECT laminated safety glass includes a layer of plastic film sandwiched between two pieces of glass. If the glass does break, the pieces of glass remain adhered onto the integrated film so the pane remains intact.


    • Reduced injury risk in case of glass breakage
    • Protection against burglary or vandalism
    • Feel safe and protected at home
    • Achieves Secured by Design standards, helping to protect your home against crime

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