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The purpose of introducing an extensive suite of PLANITHERM products was so that we can provide our customers with a wide and versatile selection of low-E solutions for a whole host of domestic door applications.

Homeowners in the UK often forget about the glass inside their doors. If it isn’t energy efficient then it can be as detrimental as having inefficient glass in your windows.

Our specially designed glass can be used in your external and internal doors to help regulate the heat in your home and save you money on your energy bills. Our glass can be used in your patio doors, bi-folding doors and french doors. You can still have the design and light benefits of a door made primarily of glass, without sacrificing energy efficiency.

When choosing the type of glass for your door, we recommend that you get in touch with your nearest PLANITHERM installer and look for the door icon.

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    Daylight and Clarity

    Enjoy more natural light and a feeling of increased space within your home by choosing Glazing Options that maximise light transmission.

    Daylight is commonly defined as the combination of all direct and indirect sunlight during daytime hours. Choosing windows that let more natural light in contribute to your comfort and well-being by reducing your dependence on artificial light sources. This can be achieved by choosing larger windows but often this is impractical. Selecting a window glass that is optimised for light transmission, and has a neutral appearance, will help you to meet this need

    Anti-condensation measures are usually related to windows, but condensation can also occur on the glass in your door. SGGUK has developed a solution for condensation. VIEWCLEAR helps to reduce the amount and frequency of external condensation you see on your door.

    VIEWCLEAR is a neutral anti-condensation solution which combats the build-up of condensation - ensuring that the glass in your door retains its clarity and transparency.


           Allows maximum entry of natural daylight through your door

           Has a positive impact on your health and well-being

           Reduces lighting costs

           VIEWCLEAR is unique - delivering strong anti-condensation performance and being best in its class for Window Energy Ratings

           Clear and neutral aesthetics in both transmission and reflection


  • Security

    For optimal door security use laminated glass with PLANITHERM. Laminated glass enhances the overall security of your door which will help protect you, and your family, from the risk of serious injury caused by accidental breakage or impact. This functionality will also delay intruder break-in and can actively discourage burglars. This high security glazing gives you peace of mind, helping you feel safe and secure in your home.

    STADIP PROTECT laminated safety glass includes a layer of plastic film sandwiched between two pieces of glass. If the glass does break, the pieces of glass remain adhered onto the integrated film so the glass in your door remains intact.


    • Reduced injury risk in case of glass breakage
    • Protection against burglary or vandalism
    • Feel safe and protected at home
    • Achieves Secured by Design standards, helping to protect your home against crime
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    Winter warmth

    Keeping warm in winter is probably the most important factor to consider in terms of comfort within your home. Choosing a Glazing Option with winter comfort benefits maximises heat retention in the season when you need it the most. Your home will benefit from energy efficient heating without sacrificing warmth.

    The amount of heat lost through your windows and doors is significantly reduced as the coating on the glass keeps heat from escaping and also captures warmth from natural daylight to help maintain your home at the desired temperature, whilst reducing energy consumption and cost.


    • A warm home interior during the coldest winter days

    • Enhanced comfort and well-being

    • Reduced heating bills and CO2 emissions Even in rooms with large windows and doors, high performance glazing with Winter Comfort will retain internal heat and eliminate cold spots nearest to the windows.


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