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A conservatory needs to offer useable living space that you can utilise at any time of the day or year without excessive overheating in summer or draughts in winter. PLANITHERM 4S will afford you such luxury to enable you to get the most out of your conservatory whatever the weather.

Purchasing a conservatory is a major decision, which depending upon the size, quality and design can be a significant investment. Conservatories can offer a bright and airy place to relax and enjoy uninterrupted views outside whilst maintaining a comfortable ambience inside.

When choosing a conservatory, you need to ensure it will match your own specific lifestyle requirements and to achieve that, the right choice of glass is critical.

Saint-Gobain Glass offers a range of conservatory glass, from specific roof glazing to side-wall glazing. Our conservatory roof glass range offers you a choice of four attractive tints all with low maintenance self-cleaning, solar control and thermal insulation. Visit our dedicated website to explore the range options in more detail and even use our visualisation tool to bring your design to life.

To enquire about PLANITHERM energy efficient glass for your conservatory, find your nearest installer and look for the conservatory icon.

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    Selecting a pack with our easy-maintenance option dramatically reduces the need for manual leaning of the window glass.

    The easy-maintenance, self-cleaning window glass stays cleaner for longer. In rainy conditions, the glass remains clear, providing better visibility.


    • Glass stays cleaner for longer

    • Save time, effort and costs

    • Clear view when it is raining, thanks to the sheeting effect


    The coating on the glass is activated by the sun’s UV rays to break down dirt and grime, loosening it from the surface of the window. When raindrops fall on the surface of the glass, they form a water film which cleans the glass without leaving a residue.

  • Noise Reduction

    Make your home a peaceful respite from the bustling world outside. High performance STADIP SILENCE laminated glazing includes an acoustic control layer to keep disturbing outside noise where it belongs – outside!

    Enjoy a quieter conservatory and relax in comfort all year round.

    To experience the difference that STADIP SILENCE laminated glass can make to acoustic control, download the GLASS dBSTATION app from

    • A peaceful and relaxing internal environment
    • Enhanced comfort and well-being
    • Reduced Stress
  • UV Reduction

    The sun’s rays contain ultra violet light, exposure to which can be harmful to people and to items like furnishings and window dressings. In the conservatory this can damage furniture overtime; this can make homeowners reluctant to use the conservatory to its full potential.

    Whilst all the glass combinations offered by Saint-Gobain Glass have a degree of UV reduction, the best way to derive maximum protection from UV in the conservatory, is to use a STADIP laminated interlayer. These options block virtually all of the harmful UV rays (up to 99.6%).

    UV reduction is measured by the percentage of the sun’s UV rays that are blocked by the glass.


    • Virtually eliminates fading of furnishings and window dressings
    • Provides a safe interior environment with respect to exposure to UV rays
  • Security

    For optimal security in the conservatory choose a double or triple glazed unit with laminated glass and PLANITHERM.

    STADIP PROTECT laminated glass enhances the security of your conservatory which will help protect you and your family. In the event of the glass breaking, the fragments will adhere to the film so the pane itself will remain intact, reducing the risk of serious injury.

    This functionality will also delay intruder break-in and will discourage burglars. Our high security glazing will give you peace of mind, helping you feel safe and secure in your home and conservatory.


    • Reduced injury risk in case of glass breakage
    • Protection against burglary or vandalism
    • Feel safe and protected at home
    • Achieves Secured by Design standards, helping to protect your home against crime
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    Enjoy more natural light and a feeling of increased space within your home by choosing glazing options that maximise light transmission.

    Daylight is commonly defined as the combination of all direct and indirect sunlight during daytime hours. Choosing windows that let more natural light in contribute to your comfort and well-being by reducing your dependence on artificial light sources. This can be achieved by choosing larger windows but often this is impractical. Selecting a window glass that is optimised for light transmission, and has a neutral appearance, will help you to meet this need


    • Reduces the need to use artificial lighting

    • Has a positive impact on your health and well-being

    • Improves the quality of your sleep

    • Reduces lighting costs


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