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Welcome to PLANITHERM - the most energy efficient glass

PLANITHERM is Europe's best-selling range of high performance low-emissivity glass (low-E glass) that uses the very latest advancements in thermally insulating glass coating technology to save you money on your energy bills.


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energy efficient glass works

PLANITHERM products use a special coating to reflect heat that you generate back into your home, rather than allowing it to escape through your windows. This coating also allows free heat from natural daylight to pass through the glass, warming the room for free and saving you money*.

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*22% savings are typical but each home will vary. Example is for a semi-detached, 3 bedroom UK home saving £179 per annum for an A rated window (source Glass & Glazing Federation and Energy Saving Trust) with an annual gas bill of £800 (source: Department of Energy and Climate Change).


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